Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our Lenten Journey Photo Highlights

Lenten Journey - Newsletter

Dear Kindergarten Families,
Our Lenten Journey, a glimpse at our week:
Literacy and Writing Connections:
We have created a place in our classroom to write morning prayers for ourselves, and those whom we love.  This will become a favorite morning stop in our daily routine.  The children are also working to read both the Morning Message and our Question of the Day.

Science Connection:
We talked about sin and how we want to grow closer to God.  We discussed how we could grow closer to him by saying that we are sorry.  The children wrote and drew pictures of things they were sorry about and placed them in a can that was labeled “Forgive us Lord.”  We then went outside and burned these private messages to create and observe what ashes are to prepare for our visit to Mass on Ash Wednesday.  The children were in awe of how their prayers created a smoke that seemed to float towards heaven.  We later looked at the ashes to gain an understanding of what will be placed on our foreheads at Mass

Art Connection:
We created small wall hangings to place in our homes as a reminder to let Jesus into our hearts.  We painted with black paint on a crumpled paper sack.  The sack was to represent those times we fall away from God and how we can work to become close to him again. 

Math Connection:
The children learned that Lent is forty days we counted these days on our Liturgical calendar.  We also changed our prayer table to represent the season using a purple tablecloth.  It was incredible to hear children notice at church on Wednesday that Father’s vestments and the banners had changed to purple to match the season.

Writing Connection:
The children wrote about the things they can say “yes” to during the Lenten season.  I was amazed at all of the incredible ways the children found to grow.  I was also extremely pleased to see how well the children are writing.  They are putting into practice many of the rules for writing that we have been covering in class.  Most of the children are using spaces, proper capitalization, and great phonetically wrote words. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Leigh Ann 


Wednesday: We have a wonderful field trip to go on this this week.  We are grateful to the chaperons that offered to attend with us. Chaperons plan to be at the classroom after drop off for our trip instructions.  Thank you!

Chaperons scheduled to attend:
Briscoe, Gehred, Krug, LaBaraca, Rios, Davison, and Crawley.