Sunday, February 8, 2015

Theme: Post Office

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

Wow!  Thank you for all of your magnificent efforts in making lunches for St. Michael's Chapel.  I was so impressed to hear that kindergarten had made 310 lunches and the fixings for soup!  You all deserve a great big hug for giving so generously to others!

We had a busy week in kindergarten this week as we began our Post Office.  The children are absolutely delighted to send and receive mail.  This first week we made sure that, each day, every child received a letter. This up coming week, the children will be responsible to write their friends and to request a response if they have not heard from someone that they were expecting a response from.  I have posted around the classroom a few "catch phrases" that the children brainstormed to say to a friend. These they can copy directly.  Inherent in this activity is opportunity for the children to "take off the writing training wheels" and begin to try writing for themselves.  If they are writing three letter CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) words, encourage them to try these on their own. Some children are more fearless than others...just like when riding a bike for the first time. It's important to keep it light and fun. Continue to encourage their efforts.  Help them to stretch out and hear the sounds before offering the adult spelling. They are encouraged to write their own thoughts by putting into practice our Reading and Writing Strategies.  It helps to have an alphabet chart with pictures handy for letter/sound reference. Let's remember to use proper pencil grasp and begin all letters at the top.

Link: Alphabet Chart

This week we celebrated the feast day of St. Blaise and the blessing of the throats.  It was his feast day on February 3rd.

Link: St. Blaise

We have begun listening to our first chapter book: Raggedy Ann.  The children love hearing about her adventures and wonder if their toys act up when they leave the room.  These adorable stories predate the Toy Story film and teach a sweet moral at the end of each chapter. We are developing our imaginations to take the place of the pictures as we try to envision what the setting and characters look like.  Before we read a new chapter we hear the title and begin to infer what will happen in the story by asking "I think...and I wonder..."statements.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, February 12th - Our 100th day of School: We are looking forward to celebrating this important school year milestone. Please practice this week counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's to one hundred.  The children will also be working with a 1-100 number chart.  They will need to be able to locate numbers using this chart.  I am looking forward to seeing your creation of 100 things. These may come in earlier than Thursday if you are finished with them.

Link: 1-100 Number Chart

Friday, February 13th - Happy St. Valentine's Day:  Molly and Susan have a lovely treat for us in the morning.  We would love to have parents stop by the classroom and share in our celebration of love and friendship.  Please send your Valentine's on Monday so that we can have the children distribute them to the Valentine bags before Friday morning. Thank you.

Saturday, February 14th - The real Valentine's Day:  It's also Father Mike and his twin sister Mary's birthday.  We will be making a special birthday card for Father and deliver it on Friday.  If you see him at Mass on Saturday or Sunday be sure to wish him a happy day!

Monday, February 16th - President's Day: No School

Tuesday, February 17th - Teacher In Service:  No School  Mass & Mardi Gras beginning at the church at 6:00. The children are encouraged to wear the masks that they created in Art class with Ms Galash.  These will be coming home in the Friday Folders.

Wednesday, February 18th -Ash Wednesday:  Late Start School begins at 10:30.  Mass at 1:30.  There will not be Student Body Mass on Thursday.

Sorry this getting to you so late this evening.  I had camera troubles as I lost the small memory card from my camera and had a bit of a panic...thankfully Ms Salvitelli picked it off the floor on Friday and we will be ready to provide photo highlights again next week!

Leigh Ann