Sunday, February 1, 2015

Theme: Quilts

Dear Kindergarten Families,      
This week the children loved hearing a story called The Quilt Makers Gift.  It is a story about a woman who makes quilts for the poor and the homeless.  The story gives the children an opportunity to discover the importance of caring for others and the joy we can receive by doing this.  They made awesome connections with this book.  We also created paper quilt blocks, using four different sized squares to create our own designs.  During our lessons we used the following terms to create these designs: problem solving, overlap, negative space, symmetry, and pattern.  I was amazed at the beautiful combinations of color and design that the children employed.  These quilt blocks are hanging in our classroom, come take a look! 

The children have been reviewing what the words subject and verb mean. We are also reviewing the difference between vowels and consonants.  The children have been working hard to sound out and write three letter words.  We use a technique called “Stretchy the Snake.”  Ask your child to show you how to use Stretchy the Snake to decode and write the three letter words included in this week’s homework packet.  These words are often referred to as CVC words, meaning consonant-vowel-consonant.  We have been working very hard in the kindergarten classroom, and I am seeing measurable growth in all my students as they plunge in to learn new concepts and ideas.  I very much enjoy the work ethic of this group of diligent students! This week the children were introduced to the Famous “H” Brothers.  They have been learning about the blends th, wh, ch, and sh.

In Math, this week we continue to work on our numerals 12-20.  The children are making good strides in correct printing of these numbers and are beginning to get comfortable with recognizing double digit numbers into the fifties.  We are also working at visualizing sets of numbers.  I would like to see the children be able to look at a set of items up to six and be able to recognize it without needing to count each individual item.  As adults, we can visualize 6 dots on a dice, or what combinations of numbers equal six.  Children have to "play" with 6 objects and participate in structured number activities.  Some adults who struggle with math were not given enough opportunities or time as children to explore math with objects.  Not all children who come to kindergarten counting to 10 or more have a good understanding of what the numbers mean.  They are also unsure of how to sequence sets of numbers.  This is a concept that you can practice with buttons, beans, or pennies.  Using two small plates work with your child to show the different combinations that equal four, such as 0 and 4, 4 and 0, 1 and 3, 3 and 1, and 2 and 2.  Repeat this concept with numbers five and six.

On Tuesday, Kindergarten is in charge of Saint Michael’s lunches.  Please provide as many lunches as you can to help stave off hunger in our community!  The recipients of these lunches are always touched when a kind note and/or drawing is added to the lunch.  Thank you for doing all you can to help others!

Our 100th day of school is quickly approaching!  It's an exciting milestone in kindergarten.  We will need a few items for our 100 day snack.  You can find our sign-up sheet posted on the easel outside of our classroom.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Leigh Ann

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