Saturday, January 17, 2015

MLKJ and Diversity

Dear Kindergarten Families,

This week we prepared to attend our first Student Body Mass.  The children enjoyed having a complete tour of the church.  We looked at the Reconciliation room, the Quiet room, tabernacle, and the Sacristy. They were able to hold and look closely at many important objects that are a part of our Catholic worship.  The children were very interested in seeing the “behind the scenes” areas of our church and learned lots of new vocabulary words.  Next week we will practice the important parts of the Mass and how to respond and get a peek at the choir loft.  On Thursday we will be able to put it all together and join the Student Body in attending Mass.  Parents are welcome to attend with us.  We only ask that you sit with us and let your child guide you in what they have learned. We ask that the children not sit on people's laps and we are not using the hymnals as they become a distraction. We sit on the right side of the church in the first four rows.

We learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks this week.  We are learning how we can be peacekeepers in our classroom, on the playground, at home, and in our world by using our words and not our bodies to express how we feel.  We read a story called the Six Crows by Leo Lionni that showed us that words can be like magic to resolve conflict.

The ice hand experiments were a huge hit!  The children had a delightful experience sharing their variations with the class.  We were able to see a lot of creativity mixed in with this science experiment. Thank you for all of your great efforts!

Please stay tuned for more information regarding our upcoming field trip.  It seems that OMSI has double booked our visit and some how we came up on the short end.  I am working with them to reschedule our visit.  Thank you for your patience.

Printing Practice:  Please review our latest letters at home by having your child demonstrate proper pencil grasp and how to form each of these letters.

Lowercase--All letters begin at the top.
o– Make a Magic ‘c,’ keep on going, stop at the top
s – Little Magic ‘c,’ turn down, curve around

 Reading Strategy:
Our reading strategy for this week is comprehension. Reading comprehension is the ability to read text, process it and understand its meaning. We are using our Read to Understand chart to retell stories after we have finished.  It is important when retelling to use the names of characters instead of just saying “the boy.” If a name was given for a character practice with your child using the names in retelling a story. 

Review the Our Father with your child. 

We are working with graphs and data in unit five of our Math text.  The children are learning to use real and representational graphs of objects and data.  We are continuing to work on skip counting by fives and tens.  Making sets of ten to equal 100, and numeral writing from 0-9.

Upcoming Events:

Antiques Roadshow

Tuesday - Friday is the Antiques Road Show
Monday -No School Martin Luther King Jr Day
Tuesday - Friday Folders are due
Thursday –Mass at 2:00 p.m. and  Return Homework Folders

Weekly theme pictures to come next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Leigh Ann

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Photo Highlights from Matter & Ice Week

Week of Matter and Ice

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Welcome back to school! Unbelievably, this week, we passed our 75th day of school milestone!  It seems like just yesterday when I was opening up the classroom door, for the first time, to twenty-five timid little faces.  These days the children come into the class room with such confidence and enthusiasm.  This is the time of the year I love the most.  We are all cozy and content with the routines of school and being with each other.  Thank you for all of the efforts that are being made towards getting your children to school on time.  Your care and concern for our school schedule is an important example for your child.

Thank you for all of the love, support, and encouragement towards taking our family trip to Italy.  We had an amazing adventure.  Words and pictures defy what stirred in my heart.  It was a perfect trip and I thank you dearly for your support and good wishes.  Your Christmas gift was enjoyed on so many levels from small treats to a lavish shopping trip for New Years.  I cannot thank you enough!  I felt a little like Cinderella.

Printing Practice:  Please review our latest letters at home by having your child demonstrate proper pencil grasp and how to form each of these letters.

Lowercase ‘c’ and writing our names
Directions – Lowercase ‘c’ is a small letter.  It fits between the two lines on our printing practice paper. The shape is formed by going around like a Magic ‘c’.  The Magic ‘c’ shape is used in the formation of many of our uppercase and lowercase letters. We also worked on all of the lowercase vowels since they will show up frequently in the words that we write.  Please make sure that your child is using the proper pencil grasp whenever he or she is using a pencil, pen, marker, or crayon.  All letters begin at the top.  It is important when your child is working on homework lessons that you observe their work and correct as you go. Refer to the guide I sent home earlier in the week on how to form the lowercase letters or visit: for more information.

Pink Song:
The children were introduced to the color word purple. We learned the following song to help us practice reading, writing, and spelling this word:
Sung to the tune Jingle Bells:
Pink, pink, pink
Pink, pink, pink
P-i-n-k , pink
A baby’s toes,
A bunny’s nose
Shades of pink,
I think.

 Reading Strategy Review:
Our reading strategy for this week is using Eagle Eyes.  Eagle Eyes are used to look at the pictures to get ideas about the words that we are reading. This week we read a book in our book groups that was a wordless book to strengthen our Eagle Eyes.  These wordless book examples serve to help us work on telling the story in chronological order.  Please work with your child at bed time to retell the story.  See how many details that they can recall.  Remember to include the names of characters.
We are also working on identifying the title page and the information that is found on this page.
We are learning also to infer.  We have begun our understanding of inference by looking at the cover of a book and hearing the title.  What, based on our prior knowledge, and looking at this book can we deduce.  When we read the story do our opinion changes?  Inferential thinking is a complex skill that will develop over time and be used in reading, writing, math, and science.

  We are working on skip counting by fives, and estimating up to twenty objects and continuing to build on our graphing skills.  The vocabulary for Math is more, less, and equal sets.

We are learning about the Lord's Prayer and how it is known as the perfect prayer.  We are learning some of our Mass traditions and etiquette .

We began learning about Matter: solids, liquids, and gases.  During our frozen hand experiment we explored how water (H2O) can be all three.  We learned that there are different ways we question during learning.  We use a hypothesis to make a scientific guess.  We estimate in math and we infer when we are reading.  We use this vocabulary on a daily basis and your child should be aware of what it means. 

Popcorn Words:
Please practice: they, them, and the

Color Words:
Please practice: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, and pink.

We are working on three letter words that are also called CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant) Work with your child to use “Stretchy the Snake” to slowly sound out the following words and then read them:  Cat, hat, bat, mat, dog, log, hog, bug, dug, and hug.

A few housekeeping helps:
Monday January 12th - Dress in Yellow and Green for the U of O championship game with a $2.00 donation.  Return Friday Folders and permission slips with fees
Thursday, January 15th  – Return Homework Folders
Monday, January 19th - No School Observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Please work to clean out backpacks each week.  They are getting a bit full of errant items.  Be sure that your child's backpack contains a pair of underclothes and socks in the event of a need. Remember to send a water bottle to school, lots of kids are coming without water bottles and are thirsty after gym class. 


Leigh Ann