Sunday, November 16, 2014

Veggie Creations - Photo Highlights

Native Americans & Veggie Creations

Dear Kindergarten Families,

It was a very disjointed week with Veteran's Day and the "Snow day."  We worked hard to squeeze a bit of learning in between these days.  We talked about what a veteran is and ways that we can support our veterans and our troops.  We discussed creating care packages for our troops.  We are still in the planning stages with this. We also created American flags with our hand-prints.  Look for these to come home this week.

Thank you for sending in the marvelous Veggie Creations.  The children delighted in sharing these adorable designs.  Thank you for flexing your creative muscles to help us to play and get acquainted with a variety of vegetables.  I was amazed at how many types of vegetables the children were familiar with including eggplant and brussel sprouts. Great job all!!!

This week we delved into learning about the richly diverse Native American tribes.  We have learned that there are many tribes that make up this group.  The children have enjoyed hearing a variety of legends.  Their favorites have been The Mud Pony from the Pawnee tribe, The Rough Faced Girl –from the Ojibwa tribe, and The Legend of Indian Paintbrush from the Plains tribes.  The Mud Pony talks about the Great Spirit and the children instantly made the connection with God.  In religion, we have been talking about how God has given each of us a great gift.  A gift, that God has carefully planned for each of us.  He has gifted us with talents and strengths that will bring us joy as we share these gifts with others.  The children talked about what gifts they feel they were given.  It was sweet to hear all of positive feelings they have about themselves.

Printing Practice:  Please review our latest letters at home by having your child demonstrate proper pencil grasp and how to form each of these letters.

L – Big line down, little line along the bottom
U – Big line down, turn, turn, big line up
V - Big line slides down, big line slides up

Sentence School:
The children did an excellent job recognizing adjectives this week.  I read several passages to the children and asked them to identify the subject, adjective and the verb.  I was so impressed with the group’s collective ability to recognize these.  Discuss these with your child when reading stories at night to help them understand.

 Reading Strategy:
Our reading strategy for this week is using Eagle Eyes.  Eagle Eyes are used to look at the pictures to get ideas about the words that we are reading. This week we read a book in our book groups that was a wordless book to strengthen our Eagle Eyes.  These wordless book examples serve to help us work on telling the story in chronological order.  Please work with your child at bed time to retell the story.  See how many details that they can recall.  Remember to include the names of characters. 
We are also working on identifying the title page and the information that is found on this page. 
We are learning also to infer.  We have begun our understanding of inference by looking at the cover of a book and hearing the title.  What, based on our prior knowledge, and looking at this book can we deduce.  When we read the story do our opinion changes?  Inferential thinking is a complex skill that will develop over time and will be used in reading, writing, math, and science.

We are working on the concepts of more and less and equal sets.  We are reading writing numbers from 0 – 5.

A few housekeeping helps:
Thursday – Picture Retakes and  Return Homework Folders

Have a wonderful weekend.


Leigh Ann