Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nutrition Week Photo Highlights

Nutrition Week News

Dear Kindergarten Families,

The official count from St. Michael’s this week was 348 lunches, so lovingly brought in by kindergarten. The notes and decorated bags were greatly appreciated.   Each day, in Kindergarten, we pray that we can make a difference in the world.  On Tuesday, we put our words into actions.  Thank you for supporting us in this very important service project.

This week we had a variety of lessons on Nutrition and the importance of eating healthy balanced meals.  We learned that it is vital for our young bodies to balance our meals.  We discovered that we need to have at least half of our plate contain fruits and vegetables.  It was great to see so many children begin bringing in veggies for lunch this week.  We read several books about veggies and fruits including the stories How Are You Peeling and Dog Food.  Both of these books have wonderful food creations to serve as inspiration for our Family Project. We are thankful to Deborah Naugler for joining our class this week for Fruit and Veggie of the Month.  The children had an opportunity to taste jicama with Ranch dressing, lime juice, and maple syrup.  We created a graph to discover which flavors were the favorites.  Maple syrup won hands down!

                                Thank you for your wonderful support of our auction this weekend. Thank you for supporting our school in so many giving ways.  It was a delightful evening and a huge success for our school.  Great thanks to all of you! Congratulations to the Rios family whom are the proud owners of our amazing class project.  Kate Miller, we thank you dearly for your immense creativity in putting together this amazing piece of art. The children enjoyed being a part of this special project.  

Printing Practice:  Please review our latest letters at home by having your child demonstrate proper pencil grasp and how to form each of these letters.  In addition to writing these letters your child should also know the sounds that each letter makes.  We have learned that the letter 'U' is a vowel and makes a long sound as in universe and a short sound as in umbrella. 

L– Big line down, little line across the bottom
– Big line down, turn, turn again, big line up

The children have been introduced to several letter blends this week sh, th, and er.

Purple Song: The children were introduced to the color word purple. We learned the following song to help us practice reading, writing, and spelling this word:
Sung to the tune Jingle Bells:

Purple is just right,
Grapes and plums,
Jack Horner's thumb,
shades of purple bright.

Sentence School:
This week in sentence school we began on writing and reading three different types of sentences:

Mondays we will continue to work with verbs as we read and write action sentences.
·         Paper is weak.
·         Wood is strong.

Wednesdays we are working on adjectives making describing sentences.
·         Foil is shiny.
·         Slate is dull.

Fridays we are working on question and answer sentences.
·         What is a penny?
·         A penny is a coin.

Popcorn Words for the week:

  • and
  • she
  • he
  • them

Reading for Understanding: We are working in reading to both describe what is happening in the story through pictures and to read the character's dialogue.

Reading Strategy-Our Reading Toolbox
This week we add the Reading Strategy: Chunking . We use this strategy by looking for a “chunk” in the word that we recognize.  This is especially helpful with larger words.  We have been practicing this technique with the word November.  We recognize that “N-o” spells no and we have learned that at the end of November is an er and we know what sound to make for this blend.  The middle part we may not know so we use our other strategy – Stretchy the Snake (stretch out the sounds) to sound out the part we don’t know.

Our three Reading Strategies that we are working with are:

  1. Stretchy the Snake - Stretch out the word slowly and hear each sound.  Works well when trying to write an unfamiliar word as well.
  2. Eagle Eyes - Use your "Eagle Eyes"  to look at the pictures to get ideas about the words.
  3. Chunky Monkey - Look for familiar chunks in a word.

Math: Working on the graphs, numeral writing 0-5, estimating up to ten, place value, skip counting by tens, 1:1 correspondence, and problem solving.

Religion: We are learning that God gives us a family to love and care for one another.  Our School Wide Learning Expectation:  A Madeleine student takes care of his/her body.

A few housekeeping helps:
Tuesday-No School Veteran’s Day
Thursday – Return Homework Folders 

Classroom Needs:

·         I have some cutting projects that need to be completed for Thursday.  It would be great to have several volunteers to assist in this project.  Please let me know if you have the time to complete this for us.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Leigh Ann