Saturday, October 4, 2014

Farm Week News

 Dear Kindergarten Families,

It was a very happy week in kindergarten.  We worked on a new shared literacy story called the Farm Concert and began getting ourselves geared up for our trip to the farm on Tuesday.  The word capacity has become our latest Million Dollar Word. We have used the word for Science, Math, and Religion lessons this week. The word capacity was used in Religion to talk about God's capacity to love so many and how the capacity of our heart to love is infinite.  Lucy K. asked how big our hearts are and we discussed that the physical size was about the size of our fist.  How could something so small hold so much love? The heart is an amazing organ when it comes to being able to love.  We also did a few measurement activities filling containers to their capacity then comparing and contrasting them.  We did a "Gee-Whiz" experiment with a Ziploc baggie filled to it's capacity with water.  We discussed in groups what we thought might happen if we poke a pencil through the bag.  The children drew illustrations and created a graph on whether or not they believed that the bag would leak or not. Ask your child to share with you the results...better yet, try this one at home!

This is our first week with Homework Folders..  Homework activities will go home on Fridays and need to be returned no later than Thursday. Please designate a location in your home for weekly homework.  Be sure to keep the following items at this location:  a pencil, an eraser, crayons, child sized scissors, and glue sticks.  To gain the most from this experience, sit side by side with your child.  Many of our activities will require grown-up coaching and cheer-leading to encourage and guide. All activities will be review of concepts already taught during the week.  If your child is struggling with a concept or is frustrated don’t hesitate to let me know.   Please use a pencil for any parts of the homework that require printing numbers, letters or words are.  It is also important for you to make sure your child writes his/her name on their work. 

Our Morning Prayer/Song: 
This Little Light of Mine

This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine,
I'm gonna let it shine
Let it shine,
Let it shine,
Let it shine.

Printing Practice:  We reviewed all letters this week and the sounds that they make.  We introduced how to make the letter R.  Have your child demonstrate proper pencil grasp when demonstrating how to form these letters.

R – Big line down, frog jump up, little curve at the top, little line slides down.
B – Big line down, frog jump up, little curve at the top, little curve at the bottom.
F - Big line down, frog jump up, little line at the top, little line at the middle
E -  Big line down, frog jump up, little line at the top, little line at the middle, little line at the bottom
D – Big line down, frog jump up, big curve
P – Big line down, frog jump up, little curve at the top

Green Song The children were introduced to the color word Green.  We learned the following song to help us practice reading, writing, and spelling this word:

(Sung to the tune Jingle Bells)

Green, green, green,

Green, green, green,
G - R- E- E- N
Grass and leaves,
beans and peas,
all are shades of green.

The children were introduced to the following Reading Strategy:
Making Text-to-Self and Text-to-Life Connections are reading comprehension strategies that help students develop the habit of making connections. These strategies gives purpose to students’ reading (i.e. focusing students on paying close attention to text to find connections). Using these strategies the children compare and contrast the book we are reading to life events and personal events. 

Math Reinforcement:
  1. Continue practicing counting from one to twenty.
  2. We discussed Ordinal Numbers this week. First, Second, Third…and we worked on pumpkin measurement.  We located things that we could measure the circumference of.
  3.   Practice Skip Counting from 10 to 100. (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100.)         


      Monday, October 6th - Return Friday Folders.                                             

Tuesday, October 7th. -        Our Field Trip to the Lee Farm is on Tuesday, October 7th.  This is a Free Dress Event.  Please dress for the farm.  No Party Clothes or open toed shoes.  Be aware of the weather.  Pack a disposable lunch.  We will not be taking lunch boxes.  Send lunch in a disposable sack with child's name printed on the outside of the sack.  Children will not have access to milk.  Pack a beverage.  Chaperons will meet with me just after drop off in the morning for final instructions. We are looking forward to a wonderful trip!

Thursday, October 9th - Last day to turn in Homework Folders.

Friday, October 10th - No School  Teacher In Service Day.

Classroom Needs:
·         Old phone books, paper grocery sacks, and newspapers

I hope you are having a super weekend.


Leigh Ann