Saturday, September 27, 2014

Photo Highlights from Apple Week

Apple Week News

Dear Kindergarten Families,

We had amazing week learning about apples.  Thank you for sending in all of the delicious apples for us to learn from this week.  Nature’s perfect fruit provided endless learning opportunities for us to observe, experiment, graph, and cook. Our blog photos will show all of the different learning activities we grew from over the week.  We also added a new word to our Million Dollar Word list to our vocabulary.  You no doubt have heard your child tell you about “variegated.”  I have been delighted to hear about variegated pets, and leaves, and vegetables too.  It is awesome to hear the children making such great connections and seeing first hand them putting their impressive new vocabulary to work. I am posting a photo of Luke with a great solution to storing his Popcorn and Million Dollar Words. 


Johnny Apple Seed Song and Prayer

Oh, the Lord is good to me.
And so I thank the 
For giving me the things I need,
The sun,
and the rain,
and the apple seed.
The Lord is good to me.

We are learning that God created all of nature and we are celebrating his creations of plants, food and animals.  We learned a new song called God Loves Me and created beautiful banners that will go home next week.  We also read the story of the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and made the connection of how God and our parents are like the Giving Tree.  We are grateful for God and our parents and all that they do for us.  We talked about ways that we can be giving at home to our families. Our Madeleine School Wide Learning Expectation (SLE) that we reviewed this week is A Madeleine student cares about others. Please review the Sign of the Cross with your child. 


Printing Practice:  This past week the children reviewed how to write F, E, D, and P.  They were also introduced to the sound and formation of the letters  B and D.  Have your child demonstrate proper pencil grasp when demonstrating how to form these letters.

D – Big line down, frog jump up, big curve
B – Big line down, frog jump up, little curve at the top, little curve at the bottom.
F - Big line down, frog jump up, little line at the top, little line at the middle
E -  Big line down, frog jump up, little line at the top, little line at the middle, little line at the bottom

Yellow Song: The children were introduced to the color word “Yellow.”  We learned the following song to help us practice reading, writing, and spelling this word:

(Sung to the tune Jingle Bells)

Y- E –L- L- O- W
Yellow is the sun.
Lemons and pears,
and golden hair
Yellow is such fun.

We reviewed the following sentences to practice these concepts through recognizing the subject and the action/verb:
I jump.             I  run.

We are learning that sentences begin with capital letters and end with punctuation.  We are learning that a period is a "stop dot."  


Pop Corn and Million Dollar Words

You                          Variegated 

In addition, we read many terrific stories with apples as the heroes of the stories.  We even saw a short film on the life of Johnny Appleseed, aka John Chapman.

Math Reinforcement:
  •          Practice counting from one to twenty.
  •          Sort objects by size, shape, and color.
  •          Practice writing the numerals one and two.
  •          We talked about the ones place and the tens place when looking at double digit            numbers.The ones place is for single digit numbers the tens place is for double            digit numbers. When we look at numbers 10-19 the one in the tens place stands          for one group of ten.


We learned identify the parts of an apple.We also compared the different life cycles of apples, the season and ladybugs.

A few housekeeping helps:

  • Please wash nap mats and return on Monday.  I send them home at the end of every month to be laundered, thank you.
  • The weather is changing- Please come prepared for rain and cold.  We have two recesses a day and we go out rain or shine.
  • The Parish Hall is a public space and is used for a great many events. Thank you for observing that this is not an area for children to play after school.
  • On Thursday at 2:45 we will be celebrating the life of St. Francis and the Blessing of the Pets .I will put a signup sheet on the easel, outside of our classroom, for you to indicate if you will be meeting your child with a pet. If you are unable to come in to sign up send me an email.  We will meet parents at the circular drive in front of the Parish Hall. All other children will be dismissed from the classroom.

Classroom Needs:
  • Seasonal Stickers and Rubber Stamps are always appreciated to celebrate our successes.
  • Looking for 8 Chaperones to the Lee Farm.  Our trip to the farm is coming up on October 7th.    Please drop me an email this weekend if you are wanting to join us as a chaperone for this trip, thank you.  I will then give those interested a call to clarify information.

Special Thanks:
  •  To Libby North for enhancing our first Fruit and Veggie of the Month club with the yummy Macintosh and Yellow Delicious apples. She also read to us a wonderful story about Oregon Apples. 
  •  To John and Kristen LaBarca, Mia’s folks, for hosting our class Mass.  Thank you for opening your hearts and home to the kindergarten parents.  It was a beautiful evening.

I hope you have a restful weekend.


Leigh Ann