Saturday, December 13, 2014

Advent Week 2 - Newsletter

This week we have been very busy…

Creating our Advent ABC books, working towards completing the capital letter portion of our printing practice books, reviewing punctuation marks, reading and laughing like crazy at the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems, concentrating on what dialogue is, reviewing nouns and verbs, working on comprehension skills, skip counting, creating the most incredible surprises for our families for Christmas, hearing the story of Christmas and learning about the Holy Land, focusing on our classroom community as a loving and supporting group that cares about the needs of others, practicing for our Advent program, playing Math games to reinforce the concepts of more, less and equal, working on proper formation for the numbers 6, 7, and 8, and introducing the symbols for addition: the plus sign and the equal sign, and being an absolutely amazing group of children during a very busy and exciting time of the year!  Phew…Kindergarten Rocks!!!

                Next Wednesday my husband, Martin, and I will be taking off on a great adventure to meet up with our daughter Olivia in Florence, Italy.  She has been studying abroad this semester and we are looking forward to having her share with us about her second home.  We will also have the awesome opportunity to visit the Vatican, and celebrate Christmas Vigil Mass with our Holy Father, Pope Francis.  I will be thinking about all of my sweet children and their families during this Mass and will be saying special prayers of love, thanksgiving, good health, and joy for all of you.  In anticipation of this trip our class has had many terrific learning opportunities to pour over pictures of Italy, hear personal stories, read books, and construct replicas.  Since Semtember we have learned about the Vatican, Our Pope, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Duomo in Florence.  I have had strict instructions from the children to take lots of pictures, which made me smile.  Because I will be missing three days of school and I do not want our children to miss out on a second of learning time, I have carefully and creatively constructed lesson plans for our substitute teacher Ms. Jennifer Bestell.  I am also grateful that Diane Salvitelli will be there to insure a seamless transition.  I have sat down with Diane and have gone over our plans.  I feel very confident that Diane and Jennifer will have a wonderful time with our kiddos!

·         This will be our last newsletter and homework folder for 2014.

·         Join us for Mass this Sunday for the Third Week of Advent- Also known as Gaudete Sunday.  Gaudete means to rejoice in Latin.

·         Monday is Friendship Family Third Week of Advent Prayer Service and gift exchange.  If you have not already brought in a small gift, please do so on Monday—Thank you! Return Friday Folders & report cards.

·         Tuesday is our Polar Express, Pajama’s and Party Day.  Remember that even though it is Pajama Day please remember coats and shoes.  No slippers and robes please.  We hope that you can join our class at 2:00 for our traditional candy house decorating party.  This long time kindergarten tradition is a favorite for both children and their parents.  Thank you to our Room Reps- Molly and Susan for organizing our festivity.

·         Our Advent program is on Thursday night.  Please drop your child(ren) off at the classroom at 6:45.  Children wear their Sunday best.  You will be able to collect your child from the classroom after the performance.  Ms. Salvitelli and her daughter Christina will be there to watch your children. 

·         Friday is our last day of 2014—Where did the time go?

If I don’t have the opportunity to see you on Tuesday, I wish you a very blessed Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Leigh Ann

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